What is Pilates?

Pilates is a method of therapeutic exercises created by Joseph H. Pilates. Pilates works by strengthening specific muscles and balancing muscular tension in the body’s joints. Pilates enhances the body’s circulation via muscular flexibility, improved range of motion and correct skeletal alignment. Pilates also helps develop new lean muscle, heightens a person’s body awareness and promote better coordination. This combined method is extremely effective in injury rehabilitation, re-injury prevention and the reduction of chronic pain.

Pilates is particularly effective in rehabilitating spinal disc injuries, by relieving nerve and disc pressure. the Pilates Method promotes spinal alignment and decompression of vertebrae by strengthening and lengthening the muscles along the spine.The vertebrae decompression stimulates healthy circulation and promotes healing of injured spinal tissue. Stabilizing the spine and pelvis helps facilitate effective rehabilitation of weak tissue in the vertebrae and spinal discs.

Pilates is also very effective in treating other injures such as knee, shoulder, hip, neck, and others. Case studies have shown that patients who integrate pilates into their recover therapy typical experience a significant reduction in the length of time necessary to complete rehabilitation.

Pilates is offered as modern rehabilitation therapy at many hospitals and medical centers. Many public and private organizations such as universities, offices, health clubs, etc. offer Pilates as a wellness program.

Pilates Lifestyle owner/instructor Patricia Ruble trained in New York City under renown Pilates expert Romana Kryzanowska. This allows Patricia to offer her clients authentic Pilates instruction not widely available in the area.

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