Trisha Ruble saved my life.   Pilates and her coaching style helped me to overcome a decades-long allergy to exercise.  I look forward to my twice weekly, life affirming coaching sessions with her.  I have reluctantly come to believe her repeated assurance that "you will get stronger".  In the six months since I began, as a rank beginner, to study pilates with Trisha, I have lost 40 pounds, advanced faster and become stronger than anyone (except Trisha) expected, and ended up with a better and more optimistic outlook on life than I have had for years.  I recommend pilates classes with Trisha Ruble to anyone "stuck in a rut" and wanting to reconnect to life looking forward.

Bob G.

I started doing Pilates ten years ago after being referred by a physical therapist to strengthen my core.  As a golfer, I instantly struggled with lower back issues.  When I moved to Florida, I searched  for  a pilates studio in my area, and I have been working with Trisha for two years. She is very professional and her pilates education is quite extensive.  Her studio is warm and inviting and fully equipped.  Trisha is a fantastic instructor and I look forward to our twice weekly sessions.

Arlene M.

Many people teach Pilates, but very few are fully trained instructors. 
It was important to me that I work with a qualified instructor because the difference can be night and day.
Patricia has undergone extensive instruction in Classical Pilates.
When you walk into Lifestyle Pilates, you realize that you have found the right place. 
The environment is a warm, inviting space, fully equipped with Reformers, a Cadillac, mats and more.
Patricia has helped me regain my mobility, posture and balance which was a growing concern. 
Patricia is a dedicated instructor and I look forward to our weekly classes. She is very concerned that I do the exercises correctly but does it with a sense of humor.

Haig P.

Are You Ready to Feel Better?

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I researched and chose to work with Trisha Ruble as a Pilates trainer because of her expertise and multi-faceted classical training. She is highly educated in the most authentic form of Pilates and as a trained instructor myself, I knew I needed her knowledge. After a systemic viral infection damaged my liver and joints, I needed someone who could take me all the way back to health.  I am 51 years old and have been doing Pilates professionally since age 35 but had slipped physically back to beginner level.  Twice a week with systematic methodology, she restored my full range of motion in my spine, hips and shoulders. Trisha as a trainer in Pilates can turn back the clock of aging joints and keep you healthy and youthful!  From beginner to advanced, best in Sarasota!

Christine G.

I'm currently a 67 year old male. Three years ago I had tried Pilates but couldn't get the hang of it partly because it was in a large group setting. I was embarrassed and discouraged even though I had been a decent athlete in my youth.

When I moved to Sarasota, I quickly found out that I needed a spinal fusion and would greatly benefit from a strengthened core. I thought Pilates would be just the thing & decided to try it again but wanted personal instruction. 

I did an on-line search and found Pilates Lifestyle owned & operated by Trisha Ruble. She looked very personable and her background & training in Pilates was extensive. I told Trisha of my initial failure at Pilates but she assured me that with 1 on 1 instruction I could learn at my own pace, in a safe environment, and that she had trained hundreds of new students who became quite accomplished. So I did my 1st session and felt very comfortable with Trisha and bought a package of 10 lessons. By my 4th lesson I was doing pretty well and feeling more confident. 

Now, many weeks later, thanks to Trisha's patience and skill as an instructor, my core is getting much stronger and my back feels much better. I could go on and on but suffice it to say that Trisha's facility  and equipment are top notch and I can't imagine working with any other instructor. 

Lyle H.