Pilates Studio

Private, Comfortable, No Pressure, Pilates Studio Atmosphere!

The Pilates Cottage of Sarasota!

A 700 square foot Pilates studio facility nestled in a beautiful garden environment in Sarasota, where anyone can enjoy local Pilates classes.

Private, Duet and Mat training sessions.

Gratz equipment is the authentic design of Joseph Pilates and is known as the equipment of choice by the top studios and instructors around the world.

Pilates is the Foundation for Efficient Movement!

About Trisha

Pilates Lifestyle of Sarasota is owned and operated by Pilates instructor, Trisha Ruble.

Trisha is certified with 600 hours of training with POWER PILATES in New York City. She also has 750 hours of Classical training with TRUE PILATES (Romana Kryzanowska) also in NYC. She has 100 hours of additional Physical Therapy training integrated for Classical Pilates.

Her local Pilates classes and teaching methods in Sarasota are based on the classical and authentic form of Pilates as originally created by Joseph Pilates.

Our bodies were designed to move painlessly, with grace and fluidity. It is my mission to bring the client’s body back to their natural alignment by increasing flexibility, strength and control. Rediscover your inborn potential.

The Best Pilates Equipment

Pilates Lifestyle of Sarasota uses the Gratz pilates equipment, the best available for professional pilates training.