Pilates Philosophy of Integration

Joseph Pilates’ philosphy of integrating the Pilates Method into a regular fitness routine was to provide a balanced workout for the entire body for an hour session. Traditionally, the legs, trunk and arms are warmed up during the first fifteen minutes, incorporating the entire body’s range of movement. The Pilates Method combines the leg workout, the arm workout, strength training and stretching to provide lengthening movements that draw power from the body core through mindful breathing. By constantly changing the body’s position, this philosophy promotes the increase of circulation throughout the body.By combining leg workouts, abdominal workouts, back stretching, and arm workouts, the Pilates Method produces postural length, increased mobility and sense of well being. This philosophy prevents inury from overusing specific muscle groups, and the variety of movement provides refreshment for the body, mind and spirit.Refresh your body, mind and spirit.

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