Movement Heals

“You are only as healthy as your spine is flexible” said Joseph Pilates. Those are famous words from the genius who was the creator of the Pilates Method.

We asked Patricia Ruble, who owns the “Pilates Cottage” in Sarasota, how she came to be an instructor. “Sixteen years ago I woke up, stood up, and collapsed. After years of pain and unnecessary treatments I finally got help and a correct diagnosis: degenerative disc disease with associated sacroiliac dysfunction; all related to a mechanical or muscle imbalance; all but certain, contributed to by damage from a near-fatal head on car collision over 20 years ago. I have had 14-surgeries, mostly to my face, and I was not going to let someone cut my back open. I was going to figure out how to heal myself through Pilates and certain spine exercises.

“Although I do teach healthy bodies, I have a bit of a reputation for fixing bodies which are a bit ‘broken’. People have the misconception that Pilates is solely done on a mat, that it is for the young and, well…ballerinas. Nothing could be further from the truth! REAL Pilates is done on machines with springs for resistance. I have nine pieces of different equipment. I use only Gratz equipment…the original equipment that Joseph Pilates designed and built. Joseph went to England during World War II to rehabilitate soldiers. Pilates started with helping men, not dancers!

Bob Gershen says, “Trisha Ruble saved my life. Pilates and her coaching style helped me to overcome a decades­long allergy to exercise. I look forward to my twice weekly, life affirming coaching sessions with her. I have reluctantly come to believe her repeated assurance that ‘you will get stronger’. In the six months since I began, as a rank beginner, to study Pilates with Trisha, I have Trisha Ruble lost 40 pounds, advanced faster and become stronger than anyone (except Trisha) expected, and ended up with a better and more optimistic outlook on life than I have had for years. I recommend Pilates classes with Trish Ruble to anyone ‘stuck in a rut’ and wanting to reconnect to life looking forward.”

Comments from other clients tell more. Christy Gahagan told us, “I researched and chose to work with Trisha Ruble as a Pilates trainer because of her extensive and multi-faceted classical training. She is highly educated in the most authentic form of Pilates and, as a trained instructor myself, I knew I needed her expertise. After a systemic viral infection damaged my liver and joints, I needed someone who could take me all the way back to health. I am 51 years old and have been doing Pilates professionally since age 36 but had slipped physically back to beginner level. Twice a week, with systematic methodology, she restored my full range of motion in my spine, hips and shoulders. Trisha, as a trainer in Pilates, can turn back the clock of aging joints and keep you healthy and youthful!”

Patricia said, “l was never a ballerina. I live in the real world and have real body is-sues, which I think makes me a better teacher. I was trained in NYC by Joseph Pilates’ successor, Romana Kryzanowska, who met Joseph when she was 17, and was still teaching into her late eighties. (Romana passed away at 90 in 2013.) I am also certified by Power Pilates in NYC. I have over 1400 hours of Classical Pilates training.”

If I have life distractions that pull me from my Pilates workout, I am physically and mentally not myself. Pilates has truly become a way of life for me. It’s an essential element..The number one piece of advice every doctor will give to their patients … exercise. Pilates addresses almost every health issue: arthritis, heart disease, lung/breathing issues, Parkinson’s, diabetes, cancer, and preventive dementia and alzheimers.

I tell people to try one lesson, see if you like me, the method, and the studio … then, make a decision. No contract. No sign up fee. No deposit. If you decide to go forward, try to take ten private lessons-twice a week, at the beginning. I promise, you will be amazed at the change in your body. If it’s not financially feasible at the private lesson level, I can match you up with a partner.

“We live much longer now. If you don’t move, your body will eventually lock up on you. I really care and want to help people. Without your health, no matter your wealth, you have nothing. ‘Pay it Forward’ is my motto.” You can reach Patricia at 941-586-0386.


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